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July 12, 2010

Alas, they say there are more fish in the sea.  They must be in a different sea, because I found my choices lacking.  I count myself blessed to have had access to Saison Dupont the other night.  Yet, the beer case is becoming a cliché, even in the brewery-rich Pacific Northwest.  Scads of space is dedicated to big boys that produce light lager.  No surprise there.  Yet, even the big boys of craft brewing are garnering more shelf space.  Redhook.  Widmer.  Sierra Nevada.  Deschutes.  Samuel Adams.  Most of these selections are local (yay! for local), but it comes at the price of selection when it comes to style.  I have to wonder, where’s the proper balance?  We get ambers, pales, browns, porters, stouts, and the ubiquitous IPA.  Cliché indeed.

I bring this up because I came away from the beer cooler at my grocer somewhat disappointed.  As much space as the bigs take up, there is quite a bit of space, but it’s hard to differentiate between breweries, because as mentioned earlier, the typical approach a brewery takes around here is rather formulaic:  Pale Ale, Amber/Red/Brown ale, an IPA, and maybe a porter or stout.  A few seasonals get tossed in to mix things up.  I suppose there’s some balance needed.  Imports are given little shelf space, but they often times are the best examples of a traditional style: case in point, hefeweizen.

I dislike the idea of a 30 mile drive (so I don’t) in an attempt, attempt mind you, to find something a bit different.  Something out of the ordinary.  I suppose I’m growing bored with the selection of beers at my local grocer.  On the other hand, we at the Tex household are trying to simply.  Am I spoiled?  Is my boredom contradictory to my desire to simply things in life?  Or is the craft brewing world becoming much like the media in that we are inundated with selections and choices that it all gets lost in the noise?

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  1. July 14, 2010 6:45 am

    There’s not a single grocery store in these parts that have any selection to sneeze at. Fortunately, a great farm and feed store with an AWESOME selection is just a mile or two from my office.

    But, I won’t be going there anytime soon. Found out Monday that I will be without a job in 3 weeks. Forced simplification, I suppose. Fortunately I had been head that direction and have a decent supply of homebrew.

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