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Election Season

October 18, 2010

I dislike election season.  No, I hate it.  I’m something of a political junkie, but I hate the continuous onslaught of campaign ads.  I find nearly all of them misleading.  They are complete with misrepresentations, shoddy statistical analysis, and more.  As someone who values truth and honesty, this grates on me.

But how does this relate to beer?  I’ll tell you.  I talked about it a few months back, but now things are picking up steam.  One of the initiatives in question does more than just remove the state of Washington from selling liquor, it also takes on the much-maligned three-tier system.  Producers of beer, wine, and other spirits would be able to circumvent the distributor, if they so choose.  But, the WA Brewer’s Guild is against it.  Much attention is given to the potential negative effects should this initiative pass in November.  It’s an interesting move, really, since back in July it seemed as if their opposition was based mostly on the economic impact.  Now, it’s more about protection?  From their initial press release, they were suspicious of a freer market.  Now, based on the video ads, I deduce that now they have faith in the market and now our communities will be destroyed buy this initiative.  I’m not sure I understand their message, except for “NO, don’t change it!”  Seems to be a fear of the unknown.  But to get a peek at what MAY be in the future of WA, we can look to Stefan Sharansky’s comparison to WA and CA.  CA is more lax or liberal in their alcohol regulations, but we don’t see any of the ill effects the “No” campaign would have you believe.

Here are a few more links to Stefan’s work on this issue:

In the end, I’d like to see I-1100 pass.  I think it will be a net good for the public.  My beloved craft breweries will survive because I’ll still refuse to purchase mass-produced light lager, and will continue to direct my beer purchases towards the local producers.  I know many more WA beer drinkers will do the same.  And I believe the fear-mongering to be unfounded.  I vote in favor of freedom, and I-1100 is a vote for greater freedom.

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  1. October 18, 2010 5:58 pm

    Thanks for the mention, Big Tex!


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