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There’s a Tear in my Beer

November 4, 2010

Boo.  Ugh.  Phooey.  Yeah, I’m upset.  No, I’m not gonna go postal, but I am disappointed in how one of the measures did on the state ballot.  It appears that I1100 is not going to pass.  I wanted it to pass.  I wanted the state out of the retail liquor business.  I wanted them to focus on enforcement.  I wanted to see how things would change without the mandatory three-tier distribution system.  But alas, it all comes down to a massive FAIL… a public relations fail.  Stefan Sharansky has the scoop.


…and contrast:

The NO Campaign put together an effective message.  Flawed as it may be, it drove home a point.  The point was that I1100 and its cousin I1105 were bad for our communities.  Mothers and emergency responders where brought in to discuss the potential havoc these initiatives could have on our communities.

The Yes Campaign, was less than effective.  The video posted here shows a state employee or representative or bureaucrat in a rather clumsy fashion.  The message… the state is in the business for the money.  Period.

Cynicism versus fear.  Human nature tells me that fear will win out every time.

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